Plugin development progress (VST, AU)

I was able to send midi through the plugins and get sound out, so the basic stuff has now been done. There are still few problems in both VST and AU plugins which I will have to figure out, but I hope that I am able to fix them. Unfortunately I have a work trip next week to Norway, so I probably can’t get anything done during the trip.

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The plugins are now almost complete, a few minor things are missing. I’ve been able to test the VST plugin with Reaper and Ableton Live, on the Mac I’ve only been able to test with GarageBand. I’ve also updated the existing software, the host software has been updated to check that your MIDI and audio setup is ok before connecting the synthesizer to the service. I’ll update all the software at once when the plugins are ready to be published. I’ll also do some updates to the website.

I hope that I can publish the plugins within two weeks with the other updates. I’ll then start on the synthesizer host software for Mac.