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Guess the mystery synth #1

Guess what the mystery synthesizer is in this topic and win some session credits that you can use to play the synthesizers. 2 persons who have correctly guessed the synth in this topic will be selected randomly and they will win 10 session credits. The event will be running until 20th of May, after this the synthesizer will be revealed.

The mystery synthesizer will be available daily, if you don’t see the mystery synthesizer, try again next day.

The mystery synth #1 was the Korg Electribe MX (EMX-1). The EMX-1 is so called groovebox because you can sequence both drums (7 part drum sampler) and synthesizer (5 part synthesizer engine) to create complete songs just using the EMX-1.

For the “guess the mystery synth” -competition, all but a single synthesizer part were disabled.

No one had any guesses at this time, but fear not, the next mystery synth will be coming in the next few weeks.