Synth parameter flexibility and instrument additions

Having only experimented for a very brief time so far, a few things came to mind.

Is there a plan to add CC controls inside the vst interface at some point? Not only would this add expression for players, it may be a feasible compromise/workaround for those that would like to make their own sounds without possibly overwriting presets on the other end. Of course, midi implementation charts for each synth would need to be obtained and mapped to user controllers, but that isn’t very difficult.

Secondly, are their VST end user agreement violations if they were added to the synth library for use?

Must say, already greatly impressed.

For the CC controls I was planning that people could use something like Ctrlr (at least initially) where there are a lot of different MIDI control panels for different hardware synths (and you can make your own panels), there is, for example, one for Minilogue which works ok, the only exception are the System exclusive messages which do not work at moment, because with those you can overwrite the presets. You just have to pipe the MIDI from the panel to the Play-a-Synth plugin.

If you mean with the second point that people could put up their software instruments to the site, definitely the licensing issues might get in the way, this is why I focused first on the hardware :slight_smile: But software instruments could be interesting, I’ll have to check some of the EULAs if they deny this kind of use.

Nice. I’ve used Ctrlr before with the Alpha Juno, that’s a great idea.

Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure how the software synth licensing worked in this regard. Most of mine were obtained as NFR versions during development processes, honestly. I’m going to ask what they think in general as well, should be an interesting response either way.

I do own a Monomachine and Digitakt though, and wouldn’t be opposed to possibly adding them as soon as Elektron comes out with a way to back up the Digitakt.