Some suggestions after using the service

Here are some thoughts and suggestion for improvement:

  • Make it possible to reconnect to a web session
  • Make web parameters follow midi value. Eg when changing program on a midi controller, the web interface still shows the last preset.
  • Show parameter panel in VST/AU plugin
  • Make it possible to refill credits :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the list of improvements, Iโ€™ll try to address them here:

  • Reconnect should be doable. I am planning to add a feature for quitting from the synthesizer session in the first minute or so which would not consume your credits (for example, if you donโ€™t get any sound from synthesizer, etc), so maybe reconnect would be possible after this period.

  • MIDI controllers
    If you use external MIDI controller, then the web interface just passes the MIDI data to the synthesizer, and there is no MIDI feedback coming from the synthesizer, just audio, so it is impossible at the moment to know the parameter values after you change the program. I implemented the web interface preset system partly for this reason, so that you can build your own presets in the web interface.
    I am planning to build support for MIDI controllers so that you can bind the controller knobs/sliders to specific parameters in the web interface, would this be useful?

  • Control panels for the plugins
    This is on my TODO list. Requires quite a lot of work, so this might take a while.

  • Refilling credits
    At the moment, I can give credits (which I have done) or you can sign up your own synthesizer, if other people play your synthesizer you can then receive credits. Goal is to have real currency based credits.