Security of your presets

I think on some synths it could be possible to load and save presets, how will our synths be protected against having their presets overwritten?

Do you have some specific synth that you are worried about? I have disabled SysEx-messages because I think those can be pretty dangerous. But of course, it is a good idea if you can take some kind of a backup before letting people play them anyway.

Hi, thanks for your reply. No I don’t have on I’m specifically worried about, I was just wondering in general

I think that SysEx-messages are most commonly used for actually reading/writing the presets and the standard MIDI messages (CC, NRPN, RPN) can be used to temporarily modify the preset until it is written to memory with SysEx, of course I have not checked every possible MIDI implementation so there might be synthesizers that do this differently.

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